About the Soul Fast Movement

For Freedom!

To deprive a man of his natural liberty…is starvation of the soul. —Mohandas Gandhi

I am so glad you are here! Thank you for your interest in this soul healing movement. The 40 Day Soul Fast has the potential to be a liberating journey to greater mental, emotional, and spiritual health for not only individuals, but also nations around the world!

If you are looking to transform your life, your community—even the world—
help me to achieve my goal of one million people journeying toward authenticity!

My heart’s cry is to liberate the souls of people everywhere so they will be empowered to grow into their most authentic, God-inspired selves. When all is well with the souls of humanity, all will be well in the world. No matter what your background or experience, you will learn and grow and be empowered like never before to maximize your personal potential and impact the world for good. Imagine one million people across the globe joining this soul-healing adventure!

Churches, organizations, small groups, and families are encouraged to travel together on this 40-day journey to soul healing freedom. If everyone who picks up this book takes it upon him or herself to encourage others to participate, we would create an unstoppable movement!

You may think that one healed soul cannot heal the world, but it can.

If you would like to bring healing to your community, nation, or hemisphere—or if you would like to see positive change even closer – in your home, your family, church, or organization, please consider doing the following:

1. Give your pastor, group facilitator, or community leader a copy of the book.
2. Identify and promote the long-term benefits of soul healing.
3. Get The 40 Day Soul Fast on the calendar!
4. Start a signup sheet by asking interested individuals to sign up.
5. Start your own small group that meets weekly for the next eight weeks.
6. Order books in larger quantities at a discount.
7. Buy a minimum of three extra copies to give to your closest colleagues, family members, and friends.
8. Be sure to take advantage of the supplementary materials—check back often as we are continually expanding our Soul Fast Store!

Become a catalyst for change!
Build your capacity to live authentically by engaging the world around you.

Capacity building is about community building. It’s about growing into “the fullness of God” as a community (see Eph. 3 & 4).

You were not created to journey alone! There is power in community. There is strength in numbers. I challenge you to bring at least 4 friends along with you on your own soul-healing journey to authentic living. When you do, you will be setting a new kind of trend, you will be leading a global transformation, and engaging in an unprecedented movement for the good of humanity.

Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? (Isaiah 58:6 NIV)

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. (Gal. 5:1 ESV)

The 40 Day Soul Fast promises to bring the best out of you so that you can impact your world for good.

Have the courage to follow your heart!
Step out and engage with your authentic self—I promise it will be the best 40 days of your life!

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