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What's Your Authenticity Quotient?

Find out how authentically you’re living and leading by responding to the 40 statements in the AQ Assessment. Each of the statements reflects one of the 40 characteristics of an authentic person—beginning from how authentic you are with your own self to how authentically you relate to others.

As you will discover from reading the book or working through the journal, each day of The 40 Day Soul Fast focuses on one of the 40 characteristics—each characteristic builds on the other moving you along a path from “intrapersonal” to “interpersonal” to “transpersonal” authenticity. In other words, how congruently are you functioning from the inside out? How are your core values and intrinsic desires expressed in your daily thoughts, decisions, conversations, and goals?

You will notice the AQ Assessment is divided into 4 parts. The first section assesses how authentically you are living in relation to yourself—this determines your “intrapersonal authenticity” score. The second section assesses how authentically you relate to others—with those you interact on a daily basis—and determines your “interpersonal authenticity” score.

The third and forth sections focus more on how authentically you lead than live.

In the third section we look at how authentically you represent yourself—your purpose, gifts, and callings—in the wider community, which determines your “extrapersonal authenticity” score. And finally, in the fourth section, we focus on how you relate to the world-at-large—to what degree are you able to think beyond yourself and impact humanity with the love of God? This determines your “transpersonal authenticity” score.

You may score high in how you relate to the world-at-large, but low in terms of how you relate to those closest to you. You may have a high social AQ, but a low intrapersonal AQ! So what can you do?

When you receive your score for each of the four areas, you will be given a strategy—an action plan—for what you can do to develop and grow to bring greater balance and overall authenticity to your life. You will learn which areas to focus on and the tools and resources best suited for your particular needs.

I believe that as we learn to live more authentically, we will lead more authentically and ultimately impact the world around us in extraordinary ways. As we transform ourselves we will transform the world. And that is what this Soul Fast Movement is all about!

Finding your Authentic Voice is like discovering buried treasure: the change is immediate and life-altering." —Norma T. Hollis

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